The University of Arizona


The Regional Economic Impact Simulator: a WebGIS Tool for Regional Policy Analysis

An important aspect of academic research is to be able to transmit complicated material to an audience of both specialists and non-specialists. This is the goal of the Regional Economic Impact Simulator. Based on a webGIS platform, it allows anyone to build a regional policy scenario of his choice and to visualize on a map, in a matter of seconds, how regional economic growth is modified as a result of it. Because of interactions between regions, it is not only the locality where the scenario is implemented that will experience a change in growth, but the entire system.

An example of regional policy could be: what if the federal government were to double funding to support businesses in Pima county (Arizona)? How would this change affect the economic growth of Pima and of other counties? The answer can be found here, on the WebGIS site of the Regional Economic Impact Simulator.


USAdapt is a webGIS tool for the analysis of climate change and of its impact on farmland value across US counties. It allows the users to visualize a set of socio-economic data, soil characteristics and climate variables. The climate variables report the climatology, observed changes with regards to the climatology and expected changes according to two combinations of global - regional climate models. Users can visualize how projected climate conditions or how a simulated future scenario of their choice impact future farmland values. Forecasting is based on a spatial econometric model which accounts for spatial dependence across counties. USAdapt is accessible here: http://webgis.arizona.edu/USAdapt/