The University of Arizona


Every year a committee composed of the Directors and Associate Research Professors of REASM will elect the winner of the Gisbon-Plane Prize for best graduate student paper in the field of regional science. The paper can be solely written or not. The Prize intends to recognize the contributions of Professor Lay Gibson and Professor David Plane in the field of regional science at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Lay James Gibson's received his PhD in Geography from the University of California, Los Angeles. Before his retirement in 2009, Dr. Gibson was a University Distinguished Outreach Professor, Geography and Regional Development at the University of Arizona, USA. He still directs the university's Economic Development Research Program. His experience in the regional policy and development planning areas is substantial. An active researcher and consultant , Gibson focuses on projects that deal with regional growth including analyses of economic impacts of project development , facility feasibility studies , project development and implementation strategies , target industries studies and studies of regional comparative advantage. He has published extensively in journal articles and book chapters in this field and his work has been recognized by many regional science and economic development prizes. He is a past President of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI) and a member of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).

Dr. David Allen Plane received his PhD in Regional Science from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Plane is currently Professor in the School of Geography and Development at the University of Arizona. His research focuses on the dynamics of migration systems and methods for analyzing human population distribution and redistribution with a special emphasis on the migration across the life-cycle and the linkages between urban hierarchies and migration patterns. Dr. Plane has served as Executive Secretary of the Western Regional Science Association for numerous years and currently serves on the Editorial Board of several Geography and Regional Science journals. In 2002, Dr. Plane was awarded the Japanese "International Prize for Environmental Creation" for population and migration research.

Winner of the 2013 Gibson-Plane Prize in Regional Science: Irving Llamosas-Rosas.

Winner of the 2014 Gibson-Plane Prize in Regional Science: Dongwoo Kang.